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Picture framing is a traditional craft. Designed originally just to protect artwork, over the years it has become an art form in its own right.
It is important for a framer to be creative but to complement the subject, rather than overpower it.
Historically picture frames were made by coffin makers, presumably because they had the right tools. So if anyone needs a small, decorative coffin made just let me know!
Most bespoke frames will require glass. To have a look at the different glass options click here.
I can offer a range of frames or mouldings to suit your needs:
- wood tone moulding
- natural moulding
- colour moulding
- black / white moulding
- silver / gold moulding
- metallic moulding
- unfinished moulding
The Picture Framer (ML)
The Picture Framer (ML)        The Picture Framer (ML)
Frames are angled and cut to size using a Morso F mitring machine.
This ensures the cut surface is perfectly smooth and accurate.

The frames are then joined using a Framers Corner pneumatic underpinner.
This ensures a strong but hidden connection.