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Mounts were traditionally made of cardboard and were there simply to keep the artwork away from the glass.
Now they are made from specially manufactured board and are available in almost any colour imaginable.
Most frames will require a mount, and you will be given advice to choose the right colour and size.
If you have an existing frame I can cut a mount to fit.
Are you an artist or photographer? - click here for mount prices
I can offer a range of mountboards to complement your pictures:
- Arqadia
- Daler Rowney
- Bainbridge
The Picture Framer (ML)  The Picture Framer (ML)  The Picture Framer (ML)
The Picture Framer (ML) The mountboard can be made into single or double mounts, with or without a v-groove. There can be multiple openings or apertures, including title bars.

Mounts are cut to your specific requirements using a Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter. This precision-engineered manually-operated cutter eliminates overcuts and undercuts.

Depending on your needs, I can advise you on the best mount for your picture, including picking colours that will complement your picture.